Sports Massage

Put your body in prime condition for competition by getting a sports massage courtesy of Dr. Maxine Helman of Dr. Maxine Helman Chiropractor in Scarsdale, NY.

Why Should You Take an Interest in Getting a Sports Massage?

Preparation is crucial for the success of any athlete. They need to train properly, come up with a game plan, and secure the best pieces of equipment available to increase their odds of success.

If you are an athlete, adequate preparation also involves getting your body in the best condition possible. That’s where sports massage comes in.

Sports massage is not completely similar to a massage that you may get at a local spa. The primary aim of this service is not to help recipients relax. Instead, its main goal is to prime the body for athletic competition.

During this type of massage, you can expect your chiropractor to apply some force as they attempt to stretch out your muscles. They will continuously work on your muscles to maximize your flexibility.

In addition to maximizing your flexibility, this type of massage can also improve your endurance. If you find that you are wearing down too quickly during your games, sports massage can help change that. Undergoing this treatment before you compete can also help you avoid injuries.

Chiropractors will use different techniques during a sports massage session. They will evaluate your physical condition to determine which techniques will work best on your body.

These massage sessions may cause mild discomfort, but they shouldn’t be painful. Go to an experienced chiropractor if you want to experience the proper form of this massage.

Consult with Dr. Helman of Dr. Maxine Helman Chiropractor in Scarsdale, NY if you’re interested in sports massage.

How Regularly Should You Undergo Sports Massages?

After learning about the benefits of sports massage, you may be wondering  how often you need to get it. Truthfully, sports massage is something you should consider undergoing regularly.

Athletes should consider integrating these massage sessions into their training routine. Head in for a massage before a hard week of training so you can avoid injury while exerting yourself.

Getting a massage from your chiropractor right before your competition is also highly recommended. Your body needs to peak on gameday and your chiropractor can help with that.

Lastly, undergoing a sports massage session following your games is also a good idea. You’ll be able to recover faster if you get a sports massage during that time. If you sustained a minor injury at any point during your game, the sports massage session you undergo after can also help address that.

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